(This is a guest post by David Benjamin Lim)

I would like to make an announcement concerning a new math blog,, started by Stanford math graduate students Slava Naprienko, Bogdan Zavyalov and myself. You may already be aware of Mathoverflow and how it has become extremely valuable to the mathematical community. Unfortunately on Mathoverflow you cannot share little things in math – often not enough for a paper – that you find cool with others. 

We feel that the current format in which mathematical ideas are disseminated throughout the community is suboptimal: The arxiv does not support comments and hence is not conducive to discussing mathematical ideas. On the other hand, if you want to publish a “folklore” result, there is not really a place to do this apart from a personal blog or website. It would be nice if there would be a one-stop place to share math, which is what motivated us to start Thuses. 

The things you post on Thuses don’t even need to be new or folklore results. They can be expository in nature, e.g. a new take on a paper or a hairy calculation that’s “known” but no mathematician has ever bothered to write down. Or even a list of challenge problems, such as Peter Scholze’s post on Kevin Buzzard’s blog here. Note however that posts on introductory grad level math, e.g. “Introduction to Scheme Theory.” are not welcome on Thuses. 

For an example of a post that is really awesome, take a look at this post of Sean Cotner and Bogdan. It is exactly the kind of thing that we want to see on Thuses, and answers one of Richard Taylor’s questions during the Stanford Number Theory Learning Seminar.

Come to Thuses and spread the word of math! For more ways to support us, please look at our support page here.

One thought on “Thuses

  1. So, in other words, a blog. I’m not sure I see the significance unless your goal is to eliminate other competing venues.

    But best of luck to you.

    “Note however that posts on introductory grad level math, e.g. “Introduction to Scheme Theory.” are not welcome on Thuses.”

    Actually never mind. I take that back. This doesn’t fit into any niche that isn’t already adequately occupied.


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