Algebraic topology class memes

Over the summer I taught a four-week intro graduate-level class on algebraic topology, with a focus on cohomology and homological algebra, using mostly combinatorial methods until the end, when we did singular cohomology, briefly. I encouraged my students to have a little fun in the class Discord server, and meme away. Here are some they come up with, plus one from me. For some reason, the little squiggly picture, which is meant to be the terminal 2-skeletal \Delta-set and that I called P, got the nickname ‘Pete’. The terminal \Delta-set, which I called P_\infty, got called “infinite Pete”. Some of these I don’t even know what they were in reaction to. But the skeleton one I know is because my frame rate was super super low before I got the OBS settings right, and the lag was … something else.

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