Another good maths journal, this time in analysis

Just as Tim Gowers and co. started the free-to-read and free-to-published journals Discrete Analysis and Advances in Combinatorics, the same platform (Scholastica) has now been used to introduce another such journal: Ars Inveniendi Analytica. Its focus is analysis, and I hope it attracts some big names quickly, to establish its street cred. To quote from the linked annoucement post:

The title of this new journal refers to the term ars inveniendi, coined by Leibnitz to identify the art of discovering new mathematical statements, methods and arguments. This reference aims at highlighting a blooming time for exciting mathematical discoveries in the field of Analysis, and at celebrating the creativity of researchers.

We hope that this editorial enterprise, undertaken in full service of our community, will add up to similar efforts and will encourage the launch of similar operations. Scholars need not only new lines of investigation and new methodologies, but also new and reliable forms for communicating their work. Creating top quality journals, founded and managed by academics, freely accessible to authors and readers, and with minimal management costs entirely sustainable by academic institutions, is the main constructive step that scientist can take to help shaping the future landscape of scientific publishing into something that is more true to the spirit of scientific discovery.

(Apologies if the formatting of this post is weird, I need to get used to the new WordPress online editor.)

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